Foraging in forest
Fiddleheads from Foraging Tour
Foraging in forest
Fiddleheads from Foraging Tour

A wild food experience you won’t forget!

Learn how to safely identify and harvest wild edible plants and mushrooms that grow everywhere from our local BC forests to your very own backyard.

Join a two-hour group walk or welcome one of our experts into your yard for a personal edible plant assessment and information session.

Depending on the season, find spring lettuces, fiddleheads and nettles, or in the fall enjoy the magical mushroom forest walks.

Become a Wild Food Forager

Learn intricate steps in harvesting, processing, and cooking these nutritionally dense ingredients from our Chef and Foraging Guide.

Connect With Nature

Transform your family walks into wonder-filled foraging expeditions, source local food while reducing your emissions footprint and grocery bill!

Forest Bathing is a NEW medically accepted way to treat anxiety and stress within the human bod, bringing you back to peace of mind.

 Cooking class’s & Live Chef Dinners

Along with tours, we offer cooking class’s for groups or the individual. Live chef dinners with three courses all, done in a You Host us method. Class’s and dinners feature wild and local ingredients with education components. 


I have been fortunate enough to have foraged with Raeanna multiple times. Definitely some of the best experiences of my life and I will always remember them! We’ve spent numerous camping trips cooking up epic and nutritious meals which included ingredients like wild moose meat, freshly caught fish, foraged wild onions, and golden chanterelles. Whether its deep in the forest for mushrooms in the fall or skipping along river banks for nettles and ferns in spring and summer, it’s always an adventure and a surprise. In addition, Raeanna creates beautiful herbal teas from foraged berries and flowers and a wholesome nutritious granola, both of which have been so perfect for my pregnancy. She is patient and so knowledgeable about mother earth. You will leave fuller and more enriched than when you arrived. Highly recommend!

- Dana Bell-Lee -


Foraging With You is a BC based wild food company that caters to adventurous, nature-loving foodies. A new world of foraged flavours is yours to explore.

With our support you can learn how to safely identify and harvest wild edible plants and mushrooms that grow everywhere from your local forests to your very own backyard.

Choose Your Tour

Local to Chilliwack, our regular two hour tour is offered in all seasons. Drive out of town for one of our Gourmet foraging tours with a hot lunch!

Backyard Session

Welcome one of our experts into your yard for a personal edible plant assessment and information session.

Apprenticeship Program

Safely identify and harvest wild edible plants and mushrooms along side operator/owner Raeanna Layfield. Learn one on one processing and preserving.

Cancellation Policy/Refunds:

We forage in rain or shine. Last minute cancellations ( less than 1 week prior to tour) will receive a 50% refund.


Tonight I just experienced a whole new world awaken before me! I made steak dinner for my family with wild asparagus and onion collected by Raeanna and I must legitimately say that the taste and flavour of these foraged vegetables is the most delicious and scrumptious meal I have ever had. Sorry to my mom and grandma but this meal kicked butt and nothing can or will beat the taste of what I just experienced. If you want to spice up flavour in your homemade meals then I highly recommend to learn how to forage for your own plants with Raeanna from “Foraging with you!” I guarantee, you will never want to go back to store bought produce! I found a new hobby for myself and my children and I am looking forward to learn more about foraging for plants in my very own community.

- Joy Finnigin -

Raenna Layfield, Foraging with you

About Foraging with You

Foraging with You has bean created by a hands on experienced wild food forager and Red Seal Chef from B.C Canada.

We give nutritional information on each plant, how to harvest it, process it for your kitchen pantry, and eat.

Cooking instructions, live classes and recipes are readily available from our kitchen to yours. We hope to help you build a home food culture you can be proud of and thrive from.
Customer service is our specialty, providing for your every seasonal needs harvesting and processing tips online and in person.

This business was started to bring health and vitality to all through food. And most important, to give you your own food security and food culture back.



“Harvesting, process, and eating, are seasonal if not daily tasks. Lets make them worth wile with quality and superb taste”
-Raeanna Layfield

Packaging matters to us. Zero Waste practice’s are strong within Foraging with You. Re-use and Reduce are our focus.

When we can’t fulfill either we use plant based plastics for your peace of mind.

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Based in Chilliwack, BC

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