Foraging in forest
Foraging with you tour Red Seal Chef Raeanna Layfield explaining wild food
Foraging tour with children
Wild mushrooms in a basket from foraging

Wild Food Tours


Join a two-hour walk in your local Chilliwack, BC, forest. Learn intricate steps in identifying, harvesting, processing, and cooking wild foraged foods from a foraging guide & Red Seal chef.

Who it’s for

Nature-lovers and adventurous foodies

What you’ll learn

  1. Wild food identification, from mushrooms to wild lettuces
  2. How to cook with these nutritionally dense foraged ingredients
  3. Forest safety
  4. Plants to add to your first aid kit
  5. How to build your Home Food Culture pantry

How it works

Once your deposit is received and your tour date/party confirmed, standby one day before your tour for our guidance email for the tour meet up.

After covering safety information, we’ll explore and learn about wild food together. Halfway through, enjoy wild tea and a wild food snack, while we talk about how to harvest, preserve, process, and cook these NEW wild food ingredients at home. The tour is 2 hours long.

We walk rain or shine—dress for the conditions! Payments done via E transfer to

What a regular tour costs:

  • Single Person $60
  • Families $150


Foraging with Raeanna all around BC Canada has brought me such joy in expanding my already acquired knowledge from back home in Chezque, Slovakia. We share and explore recipes and ingredient together often, deciphering wealthier to dry or freeze a mushroom harvest depending on the species.

- Blazena Bogdan -

Choose Your Tour

From September to November, join us in the search for Pine Mushrooms, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Bolete Mushrooms, Lobster Mushrooms, Puff Balls, and many many more.

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Drive 2 hours north of the Chilliwack Valley with our founder Raeanna Layfield for a wild asparagus walk along the Thompson River. Wild onion and smudging sage to be discovered along the way with this SPRING tour. 

Lunch included on this day tour, departs from Chilliwack BC.

$125per person book in advance

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Seasonally offered as the weather allows in the spring into summer seasons. Most tours are 1.5 hours from the Chilliwack Valley, with a wild lunch included. Learn how to harvest smokey morel mushrooms and other wild medicinal and edible plants.

$125 adults, $50 Kids

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Your tour, your group, let’s plan something special for you all. Forage, or Forage and Feast with our cooking class available in the forest or in your kitchen. Off roading mountain tours available for those with 4×4, also specialty campfire river side dinners available.

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From April to May, join us to find Wild Stinging Nettle, Fiddleheads, Watercress, Harry Bittercress, Dock Roots and greens, Wild Mint, Oyster Mushrooms, and more. This tour is 2 hours long, with homemade wild snack and wild tea break.

From June to August, join us to find Salmon berries, thimble berry, strawberries, mushrooms, and wild edible flowers!

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Kids Foraging, Chilliwack

KIDS FORAGING CLUbs & Cooking Class’s

Alternative learning in the forest! Classes are all outside, full of walks, talks, crafts and FUN. Sign up to our email list for current offerings and workshops. Cooking class’s are booked privately, offering to small groups and one on one students.

Who it’s for

  • Kids ages 4-19
  • Homeschoolers

What you’ll learn

  • Mushroom identification
  • Plant and shrub identification
  • Forest crafts and arts
  • Growing Mushrooms at home
  • Forest first aid
  • Building a fire

What it costs

  • Drop-in $20

Alternative Learning

Apprenticeship Program For Young Adults

Dive deep into the forest engaging in one on one time with our red seal chef and foraging guide. Learn how to make money in the industry or put food on the table for your family. Days will consist of harvesting, processing wild ingredients, and even cooking with them. Preservation and harvesting will be our main workshops. This program is free, inquire for application.

Cooking Class’s & Chefs Dinners

Offered seasonally outdoors or you host us in your kitchen all year round. Enjoy learning how to cook a new dish or having a 3 course dinner prepared for you and your guests. Kids cooking class’s and homeschool groups available. Prices range depending out group size and length of time desired, please contact us for specific group bookings. 


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